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Trusts and Beyond




  • “Why is my trust document difficult to understand?”  
  • “Are the critical forms with all the options I may need in the future included?”
  •  “What are the steps I need to take when my spouse passes away and why wasn't I informed of this when my trust was designed?”
  • “How can I protect my assets and estate for my heirs, as well as have enough to live on today?”

These are just some of the many pertinent questions we at NetVEST feel people should be asking themselves. As seasoned estate planners, our advisors have reviewed thousands of trust documents and have seen numerous cases in which people's good intentions and the net worth of their estates were damaged by motived legal advice, estate taxes, creditors, divorce, litigation, improper trust funding, incorrect or incomplete trust documents, and oftentimes just a lack of understanding on the subject in general.

After witnessing the lack of educational follow-through by various law firms and other trust drafting companies, John M. Cartolano decided to fill the need. As a veteran estate planner, he created "Trusts and Beyond", an eye-opening estate management seminar (and VIDEO SERIES) to address the questions that many people have before, as well as after creating a trust.

John is not an estate planning attorney. He provides the education, creative strategies and foundation for an experienced estate planning attorney or legal document preparation company (both of whom NetVEST has long-standing relationships with) to draft the correct documents that will function now and in the future.

To sum it up in John's words: "This is an inevitable thing. When you've lost your life mate is not the time to get an estate planning education. You need to understand now, so as not to be taken advantage of in the future".